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17. července 2018 v 4:43 | Rocket League Items
Hopping alongside Dropshot and the alpha of Advancing Appraisement 4 in the March 22 update, Rocket League will be bean hidden Easter surprises as post-match drops for the age-old time ever!Although it isn't a decidedly circuitous game, Rocket League has the adeptness to absorb for dozens of hours on end Rocket League Items. Players on two teams all drive baby hunt cars about an arena, aggravating to put a single, behemothic soccer brawl into the net of the opposing team. Whichever aggregation has the a lot of goals denticulate at the end of the bout wins. It's that simple.

Starting with this Wednesday's update, players will accepting the adventitious to absolve their activity activity with the Easter Egg Antenna, Easter Basket Topper, and for those jumping with excitement: the Rocket League Crates!These free items will be adventitious post-match drops in all online Playlists, and will be accessible to accumulated until April 17 at 12:01am UTC. So be constant to get calm with some friends, play some Rocket League, and be the age-old to get the new Easter items! Appraisement out the abstruse of the Easter items below.

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