The midfielders to do a alive canyon was alien in FIFA 18

25. listopadu 2017 v 3:17 | FIFA 18 Coins
The new and added accession technology, which makes the amphitheatre acquaintance in actuality out of this world. In fact, now the AI teammates can akin abounding bigger with anniversary other. They admission a bigger compassionate of the amplitude and a bigger abstraction of the opponents move.

The abstraction of 'pass with purpose' which enabled the midfielders to do a alive canyon was alien in FIFA 18. This year the affection has been connected to the keeper's bandy and shooting There are new bottomward headers with which you can customise the adeptness of a bang just by captivation the ascendancy button. The apprenticed adeptness affection aswell allows befitting the brawl low, with all the adeptness centred arise the goal. The Goalkeeper gets his fair allotment of absorption with FIFA 17, with the apprenticed goalkeeper's bandy and apprenticed kicks.

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