Lindros was benumbed from the hit

5. července 2017 v 4:59 | NHL 17 Coins
In the seventh bold of the 2000 Eastern Conference final, the New Jersey Devils vs. Philadelphia Flyers alternation will be a lot of remembered by what abounding has advised as the hardest hit in hockey history Buy NHL 17 Coins. Aboriginal in the chief game, Devils defenseman Scott Stevens hit NHL superstar Eric Lindros as Lindros skated into the Devils breadth with the puck. Lindros was just amphitheatre in his additional bold afterwards missing ten weeks of activity due to a concussion.

According to CBC Sports, Lindros was benumbed from the hit even afore his arch hit the ice. Like the Stevens' hit on Kariya, the Stevens hit on Lindros was advised clean NHL 17 Coins. San Jose won 5-2. That division the Sharks recorded a career best 99 credibility en avenue to their aboriginal anytime Pacific Division title.

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